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ringtones [batch #004]

I'm back yo!! :D with tons of new ring-tones special for NEWS' fans ^;^
this time, i come out with ring-tones from LIVE album and Fighting Man single..
(for the requested RT, i'll do them soon, sorry for the delay -_-'', gomen ne~)

total: 46
bite rate: 320
format: .mp3
link: MF only


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sakura boys

lol!!!! mash game sugoi XDD

your results from the mash game!

You will marry masuda takahisa.
After a wild honeymoon, you will settle down in Palestine in your fabulous Apartment.
You will have 23 kid(s) together.
The family will zoom around in a Purple Mazda RX-8.
You will spend your days as a NEWS manager, and live happily ever after.

haha~ funny >< but its fun!! :D lol~
U can play it here ;D

see! i'll marry MASSU yo!!! yatta XDD i can't believe massu will propose to me one day, i thought we just being a lovely couple XDD lol~ and whats with WILD, lol~ ops pervert @_@ only us will know ne~ *OMG, i'm gonna been killed*
and!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 23kids!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! WOW! WOW! don't imagine 'that' yo!! kids are our love bond ^^; lalala~
why palestine? hahaha~ its fine, we gonna help the war people there.. massu really nice ne ^^
but the best part is!!! I'M A NEWS MANAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! kih3~ absolutely as their manager i can afford Mazda RX-8 >D< and that's how the 1st meet begin, our love start pink-ing then the rose to be red.. married, having children, settle down, and happily ever after... yay! ;D

jealous? hahaha~ u shud ;D coz i'll make sure he fall in love with me XD in dream. ^o^

my choices as below:

crushes: 1. Ohno Satoshi (kyaaaa~), ****** (himitsu ;p), Naoki (i want a hubby like him!!), Nishikido Ryo (lol~ idk why him.. he so sexy), Massu (he sooooo manly, the body i mean XD)
Numbers: 23, 100, 1, 5, 233233 (lucky its not this number, lol~ how come a normal human like me can have 233233 child? haa~)
Cars: Honda civic type-R, Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee, Mazda RX-8, Porsche, BMW
Places: Japan, Mecca, Florida, Arab Saudi, Palestine (the place i want to go!)
colors: colorful, black, purple, yellow, green
Jobs: president, NEWS manager, Teacher, CEO, freeter

haha~ fun! i like! u too, please play this game and enjoy :D

news is love

Fighting NEWS

iiiiiiiiiiii.....yay!!!!!! *echo* fufufufuuuuu~~ I've been waiting for thissss!!!! and i know u too desyou XDDD gomen coz lack of updating NEWS stuff lately /_n_\ purposely, i was waiting until Fighting Man PV comes out then i want to cheer with all of u! so mina, yay! yay! *high-5*

have all of u watched the PV??? as expected, i love it XDD its NEWS desyou, as long as they stay together and stick with their status quo, i'll love them! they don't have to change for anything..

click on the pic to watch the PV

but the important is, I LOVE  the song!!!!!!! Fighting Man! such a high spirit song! yabai, i don't know how to explain, my inner energy just blown out when listen to this song XDD hahaha~!! well, after Weeeeek, this is the song that can make my heart JUMP right away and unconsciously excited >D< hiks. i wonder, if they sing this at concert, it would be super excited and fun ne~ and unexpectedly, i memorized this song so fast XDD especially the bridge part of tegoshi and ryo ^^

the lyrics as expected good! that's why i love NEWS =) lyric with vital force and spirit of life.. give us courage to face hardest journey and be positive ^^ from the title we already can understand the content.. Fighting Man, means we need to be Audacious rite (i just learn this word from the lyric ;p means strong -Audacious is MY WAY).. i copied the translated lyrics from spilledmilk25 LJ, thx to her hardwork.


Nothing is easy to do, everything is meaningless
A traced life is NO GOOD
How many times do I have to face horrible situations?
Somehow I can't find an answer to this
Surrender to your real feelings, don't have regrets
You have to go on facing only ahead
Go with the best speed, take your passions without fall and be reckless!

DON'T THINK, FEEL! BRING IT ON! Are you ok how you're now?
DON'T BE WET! GET A GRIP! Being only an expectant NO NO
DON'T THINK, FEEL! BRING IT ON! Isn't it good to be excited?
DON'T BE WET! GET A GRIP! But you have to take the first step
Be a superlative FIGHTING MAN!

Breaking the common sense and realizing its walls
Aren't you suffering every night, crying?
Shouldn't I take the challenge? As I'm now, with this way of thinking
If I don't react nothing will happen, I can't lose to myself
I'm not weak NO WAY Audacious is MY WAY
This is just perfect for our times, right?
Draw a stable tomorrow for a remarkable future, be nonsense!

DON'T THINK, FEEL! BRING IT ON! Are you ok how you're now?
DON'T BE WET! GET A GRIP! Being only an expectant NO NO
DON'T THINK, FEEL! BRING IT ON! Isn't it good to be excited?
DON'T BE WET! GET A GRIP! But you have to take the first step
Be a superlative FIGHTING MAN!

You don't have to live for anybody else
Don't make comparisons, don't get lost and go ahead!

DON'T LOOK BACK, DON'T LOOK BACK! Because time won't stop!
DON'T GIVE UP, DON'T GIVE UP! Get prepared!

DON'T LOOK BACK, DON'T LOOK BACK! Slash the darkness!
DON'T GIVE UP, DON'T GIVE UP! If you don't give all yourself is OVER

DON'T THINK, FEEL! BRING IT ON! Are you ok how you're now?
DON'T BE WET! GET A GRIP! Being only an expectant NO NO
DON'T THINK, FEEL! BRING IT ON! Isn't it good to be excited?
DON'T BE WET! GET A GRIP! But you have to take the first step
Be a superlative FIGHTING MAN!
From today on WE ARE FIGHTING MEN!

its good rite? we can feel the fighting spirit.. i love zopp-san's work.. he done a lot of news songs and all of them are great.. i can't wait for my Single arrived >< after consulted with masit and myself, i decided to buy it XDD coz the cover cho kakkoi yo! hora, mitei-mitei~


and i'd a problem with the edition too >< uwarghhh!! i really waved by the Regular Edition (RE) one coz it has extra 2 songs, Winter Moon and Ai wa Simple na Curry Rice.. in other hand, Limited Edition only has 1 extra song and Fighting Man (karaoke ver).. i don't really use the karaoke ver.. but it's Limited >,< final decision, i take LE after all~ fufufuuu~ owh yeah, the cover is cool isn't it? XDD finally NEWS kakkoiness is used! they wear their own color...and JUMP! lol~ i hate to think about WPD cover.. its suck!

lately, NEWS is working as a group frequently.. i like <3 they will be on MS again, SCP, Hey!3x.. and i wish they will be on Utaban soon XDD am i miss Nakai that much? lol! their performance on Music Station on 15.10.10 so cute and funky.. Pi looked so happy and very energetic.. and.... why did he hugged ryo? hahahaha~

NEWS is Attacking yo! be prepared! my opinion, Fighting Man can be as Hits as Weeeeek! or even more =)

sore dake, jaa ne ^^

sakura boys

i wish i understand Japanese.

I love Fighting Man Perf on MS!! NEWS so funky and energetic desyou :D I love how Pi looks so cheerful and enjoyed the perf :D but i'm dying want to watch the talk and Ministe :( zannen deshita, i don't understand Japanese Language and still hoping somebody will translate/sub them D:

Love NEWS!
news is love

ringtone [batch #3]

remember yesterday post, RINGTONE [batch #2] I had mentioned about some ringtones are corrupted for unknown reason.. today, I manage to repair all of them.. yay! *clap2* so here there are,

total: 36
format: .mp3
link: MF only

(ARASHI: Mukae ni Iku yo, Shizuka na Yoru ni (Ohno solo), Troublemaker, Tokei jikake no Umbrella, KATTUN: Going!, Precious One, Keep the Faith, Sadistic Love, NEWS: Bambina, Cherish, Forever, Game of Love, I ZA NA I ZU KI, Koi no ABO, KOYASHIGE: Murarisuto)

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news is love

RINGTONE [batch #2]

Yay! I managed to make some more ringtones *clap2* but zannen deshita >< some of them corrupted for unknown reason T_T so I need to repair them before share with U ^^
(corrupted: ARASHI: Mukae ni Iku yo, Refrain, Tokei Jikake no Umbrella, Troublemaker, KATTUN: Going!, Keep the Faith, Precious One, Sadistic Love, NEWS: Bambina, Cherish, Forever, Game of Love, I ZA NA I ZU KI, Koi no ABO, Smile Maker, KOYASHIGE: Murarisuto) wait for the third batch.

these are the okay ones (Arashi: 1Everything, 2One Love, 2Shizuka na Yoru ni, 2A.RA.SHI, 1Cry for You, 4Gift, NEWS: 2Summer Time, 1Taiyou no Namida, 4Towairo no Koi, 3Weeeek, NISHIKIDO RYO: 2Ordinary)

total: 21
format: .mp3
link: MF
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enjoy ^^
news is love


Hi ^^, I made some ringtone for myself.. then, I thought why not I share with my friends ^_^
All of these ringtones are made base on my interest if there is any of them U do like.. feel free to have it ne

total: 37 (Arashi: To Be Free & Monster, NEWS: Sakura Girl, Anata ga tonari ni iru dake de, SHARE, KATTUN: No More Pain & Love Yourself, BING BANG: Koe wo Kikasete, TOHOSHINKI: Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou, Toki wo Tomete & Lovin' You, YAMASHITA TOMOHISA: One in a Million, World is Yours, Loveless & Moonlight) format .mp3

and BONUS! 2 NEWS wallpaper ^o^

RINGTONE: Collapse ) ~NEWS is LOVE~
where tegonyan?

[blog] finally! my LJ renovated ^^

sashiburi desu ^^, not update in my LJ... I just too busy with my life but... I keep update in my WP blog rather than here.. there are several reason I don't update my LJ.. gomen ne~
1st becoz, b4 I'm a SHINZANMONO or newcomer in NEWS fandom.. I don't have so much gut to keep updating my fangirling stuffs toward them thou >< I just watch from a distance and express my feeling and fangirling in my personal WP blog :P heee~
2nd, I don't have many friend here back then.. now, I do have some ^^ arigatou minna-sama~
3rd, my LJ is so messy >< no sidebar and no good header.. only 1column.. I really don't know how to modified and moderated it #_# or lazy?
4th, this is the main reason.. my life is so busy before *phew* study, assignment, practical.. everything is killing my time.. hee~ usou da yo!

but now! look at my LJ! even it's not really cool but I like it ^^, especially the header... wow! it's really hard to make it fits on this theme T_T I took about 2-3 hours dude~ but yay! I managed ^^
so maybe after this I can always update my LJ spread my love towards NEWS ♥♥
yorushiku my f-list.